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14 Years On
by Tina Hutchence & Ricky Watcham

On this day, 22nd November - exactly 14 years ago, the music world lost one of the most creative and incredible frontmen to ever walk this earth.

It happened so unexpectedly that we weren't ready for the news we would hear that day and the heartache we would experience was so intense that it has never left us in the 14 years that have passed.

We are very lucky to have had such an enigmatic frontman and wonderful man share his music and creativity with the world and a legacy of music to remember him by.

Our thoughts go out to family, friends and all the fans that miss him dearly.

Help keep his music alive for generations to come and always remember his as one of the greatest frontmen of all time.

22nd November 2011
Ricky Watcham / Tina Hutchence

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