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15 Years On

On this the 15th anniversary of Michael's passing it happens to be Thanksgiving day eve again and once again the family in California is giving thanks for not only Michael's extraordinary life, but also for those we have lost in the years since and how our lives have changed for it. 

Remembering the last Thanksgiving we spent with Michael at the table - 1996 we give thanks for his humor and energy and love on that day. He entertained us all and was so proudly showing photographs of his new little Tiger. He was in great form that day, what a gift he was. And of course we will miss Patricia and Kell and Paula along with some of Michael's friends in the music industry who sadly have been lost over the years. 

Also, this year we miss the most wonderful humor of our friend Alan Black who we recently lost to a long illness. Most of you know Alan, he corresponded and sent some of the funniest and some of the most beautiful emails I have ever seen. He was a strong supporter of our website. 

On the subject of loss, I was sad to hear INXS had decided to call it a day after 35 years, and wondered what Michael would have to say. The thing is, he never made it a secret that he never wanted to be out front and in his fifties, but I know he would wish them well in whatever they moved on to. They should know in their hearts that they have achieved what most bands have not, they were handed a big blow when Michael left us and they had the courage to push on because why shouldn't they? INXS individually are multi talented musicians and they had a long run in giving to their fans.

As Ricky has announced on the site, I have signed with producer/writer Robert Galinsky of Top Cat Films to have our book on Michael's life, Just A Man, The Real Michael Hutchence brought to the screen. It was my mother and co-writer's dream to have the book brought to life in a movie and I feel it a tribute to her as well.

All good wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to the followers who have been so supportive of us over the years and special thanks to Rickyrocks who recently handed his phone to Tiger and far away in Australia I heard, 'Hello Auntie Tina, it's Tiger' - we had a long, beautiful chat. Also, I have finally delivered the memorabilia our mother Patricia set aside for Tiger. My mother began keeping scrapbooks on Michael's career in 1977 -along with the awards Michael had left with her. The MTV 'moon man' is probably the most coveted. I am glad to see it go to my beautiful niece.

Tina Hutchence
California, November 22, eve.

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