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19 Years On
A Message For The Fans


His wild and tender heart sat so raw against the world. 

Somehow it seems Michael’s star has risen in popularity - people around the world are realizing that it is almost 20 years since we lost a beautiful man with a beautiful heart who was compelled to give his heart to the world with his poetry.

The thing he knew best, the place where he was most comfortable was giving love, writing about love, singing about love. His understanding of love in all its’ forms had no bounds, just listen to his lyrics…..they will speak to you.

He knew how to speak and sing to thousands of people in a way that it felt as though he was speaking to you intimately. It felt like there was no one else in the room when in fact there may have been 50,000 surrounding you. That was the magic of my brother Michael, that he loved people and loved to love.

Thank you all for your support and loving wishes, we truly feel blessed for the love that comes our way through this - the family site for Michael.

 Tina Hutchence with Ricky Watcham

California, USA
November 22, 2016



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