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A Message From Tina


Another missed birthday Michael, and I can tell you I still think about what could have been. 

But we do have Michael’s music created with INXS, as well as the fantastic Max Q with the multi-talented Ollie Olsen, and Arne Hanna, Michael Sheridan, Bill McDonald, Gus Till and the late John Murphy. And then there is the music from the posthumous album with Danny Saber and Andy Gill and the yet to be released (2018) album with Danny Saber.

We celebrate Michael’s life – a short life packed with amazing experiences. The amazing Jen Jewel Brown and I have written a new book on Michael. It is like no other. With Jen’s help I started out updating Just A Man and there was so much new material in there our publisher suggested we just go for a whole new book – I’m so grateful that we did just that. If you have already read JAM you will not be disappointed in this one titled; MICHAEL: INXS’ LOST BOY REMEMBERED.

It is hard to think of Michael as a man of 58. He will forever be young in our hearts and the person we watch in interviews and music videos on youtube.

I can close my eyes and ‘feel’ that warm little bundle swaddled and sleeping in my arms. Who would have thought he would become Australia’s first and so far only international rock star.

Who knows what he would have achieved in the past 20 years, I believe he would have moved into acting and perhaps continued to put out an album every now and then.
Australians should all be proud of Michael’s accomplishments which paved the way for others on the world music stage. Happy Birthday Babe, wherever you are.

If you haven’t already done so, please get your friends and family to click here to sign our petition

Tina Hutchence
California, USA
January 22, 2018

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