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The loss of INXS manager Chris Murphy

The loss of INXS manager Chris Murphy at a 66 years of age is sudden and quite shocking. Chris was a trail blazer, a hard worker, a visionary and yes a definite force to be reckoned with.

From the very beginning he had amazing energy and complete confidence in the band and that never waned. He went to the mat for them many times in the early days especially.

On his first visit to the U.S. we lived in Southern California and Michael had called ahead and asked if Chris could stay with us because neither he nor the band could afford a hotel. Chris was trying to break them into the US. Such energy this man had. I found myself driving him all over the place; to meetings, dinners, lunches – he did not slow down.

When he left for New York it was my job to collect all the videos he had left with various people who had shockingly passed on this new band ‘Inks’ as they constantly referred to them.

This was the first of several visits and each time he came, his confidence expanded. He was quite wonderful in those early days; keeping me up with news of the band, gifting me with posters and photographs and tee shirts. He always had questions about Michael. “help me understand him” “what makes him tick?” and ‘the girls really love him’ – that one flew over my head. ‘Michael? My skinny, shy little brother Michael?’

Over time my family stayed with Chris and his first wife Wendy and their daughters when we visited Sydney and they stayed with us while in California.

Even though we have not crossed paths in years, there’s history, lots of history and it’s so tied up with my love for Michael of course.

I send love and comfort to his girls Jeri and Stevey and to all of his family and friends. A dynamic personality with smarts off the charts.


January 16, 2021

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