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For The Fans
Official Statement from Tina Hutchence


Michael, Rhett, Tina and Erin

I am making this statement on our site as I dont trust the media to get it right.

With all the chatter surrounding these unreleased songs of Michael’s, and questions coming from every direction, I thought I needed to clarify and give my view on the prospect of new music from Michael. Especially since my name has been thrown into the mix.

Let me digress to the posthumous album. When it was talked about, when the deals were being made, the family of course was not in the mix. No matter that over time, Michael had talked to us about this music, and he had sent faxes to me regarding the thrill of working with other people, creating and writing without a committee of 5 others, without having to fight for certain songs.

Before that music was released for the public, INXS got to listen to it. Many, many people got to hear that music - not one member of Michael’s family was invited to listen to some of his last offerings. Not one of us. I heard the music for the first time when a Los Angeles music journalist called me and asked what I thought of it. I invited him over for lunch and he played his copy for me and left it with me - kind man, can’t remember his name.

In previous times, Michael would make sure I had copies of all of the music. But I guess since Michael was out of the picture and save for the money men profiting off his creative spirit, the family was no longer relevant either.

Let me ask you, putting yourself in our position of losing our loved one, how would you feel about that?

Now, 17 years after that album, Danny Saber and Ron Creevey have come into the picture, and have offered to have me listen to all the music that Danny recorded with Michael. Danny couldn’t believe that I had not been given the chance to hear the posthumous album all those years ago. They have offered to allow me to listen to some of Michael’s last breaths, his last creative voice.  Would you want to hear your loved ones’ voice? Of course you would.

I have NOT aligned myself with anyone, I have not endorsed anything.

But, I cannot understand why everyone is getting in a twist over something as harmless as some new music from someone we all loved to listen to. Mr Creevey is, admittedly, ‘excitable’, he may come off as insensitive, but he is excited about this project. Of all the money he seems to have accumulated, I am sure this project will not, as far as I can ascertain, bring him anywhere near the numbers he usually makes on a deal. He speaks with reverence when talking about Michael to me.

It has been almost 19 years, and I have yet to see anyone in the band, or management honor Michael for the contribution he made.

I will reserve judgement until I have heard the music and met Mr Creevey in person, about three weeks from now.

This attention has come at an unfortunate time, as I am helping Rosanda and Greg Herbert to push along, a movement to get Michael a much deserved statue, ensconced in a location in Sydney. Unfortunately, these events have clouded that effort. But for all of the people who are bellyaching about this new music, we are having difficulty in getting fans to come to the fb site ‘A Statue for Michael Hutchence’ and write up just a few lines on what Michael meant to them, or why he should have a monument. This is needed to present to the city as proof that Michael is ‘worthy’.  By the way we need as many as possible by July 31. Less than 2 weeks.

As I said in a post, Michael performed magnificently and gave his all, world wide, to hundreds of thousands of people over his 20 years with the band; in some of the largest venues in the world - I think some of you were posting about a little show they did at Wembley? 70,000 people in one show. Another in Rio de Janeiro, an intimate event - 350,000 attendees. 

Yet, out of all of these shows around the world, we have less than 100 testimonials! And by the way, there are over 700 people signed up to this group!! 3000 signed up to our Facebook page. The numbers don’t add up. Where are all of these fans?

Please people don’t waste time, go there and have your say or we may not see a statue for Michael. This is about Michael and paying some respect to the man who gave us some great music and wonderful memories.

Tina Hutchence
July 15, 2016


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