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introduction | prologue | chapter 1

Just A Man
The Real Michael Hutchence

Tina Hutchence & Patricia Glassop


First published by Sidgwick & Jackson/Pan Macmillan

Updated edition Pan Books

Copyright Tina Hutchence & Patricia Glassop

ISBN 0 330 39019 8

Dedicated to Michael, a beautiful, gentle soul;
& to all the children in the family.  


A Note to the Reader  

We completed this biography of Michael in the early summer of 2000. In September, as the world now knows, just as the book was about to print, Paula Yates died tragically. As with so many things you will read in this story, we heard the news through journalists.

  Of course, we were shocked. The last three years have been difficult ones for anyone who knew Michael. We thought immediately of Paula's children, and most of all for our niece and granddaughter, Tiger Lily. We just wished we could be there to hold her.

  This book has always been a book about Michael, our brother and son, but Paula plays a role in any account of his life. However, even before recent events unfolded we had no desire to provoke new confrontations with Paula, and with her death we have no desire to be disrespectful to her memory.

  So this is our story of Michael Hutchence. It is a story that for the sake of his memory –and for Tiger Lily –should still be heard.

Tina & Patricia - 2001


Note: To make it easier for the reader, Tina's writing is shown
in black, and Patricia's writing is shown as grey.

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