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Michael at 60


Michael Hutchence - age 2 (1962) - photos courtesy of Tina Hutchence ©

I always thought that Michael at 60 years-old would be firmly ensconced in the motion picture industry. He was headed that way for sure.  I would expect him to have let his activism loose and roaming the world with words of wisdom about taking care of this planet of ours – a notion that was always very dear to his heart.

I think he would be acting in a variety of roles and always looking for those great character parts. He was a ‘natural’. I see him as one part of a team, like Newman and Redford in The Sting where he could use his cool sense of humor. I would imagine he would be involved with the soundtrack and perhaps stage musicals.

As a little boy He was fascinated by the workings on a movie set. He often came with our mother and me to watch how the ‘magic’ emerged on a crazy, chaotic soundstage. He would sit in a dark corner so as not to distract and barely breathe as the actors said their lines.

We were lucky to have him for 37 beautiful years and I can honestly say that he gave his all and lived life to the fullest….he had a gift that allowed him to reach out and grab the hearts of each audience member with his poetry, his voice and his extreme capacity to envelop each individual to join him in his journey. The world is a better place for my beautiful brother Michael Kelland John Hutchence.   

Tina Hutchence
California, USA
January 22, 2020

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