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Dogs In Space
2-disc Collector's Edition
(DVD in store August 28th)

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Ricky Rocks (webmaster) / Tina Hutchence

This September Umbrella Entertainment is excited to present this year’s most anticipated Australian DVD premiere, Dogs in Space. The on-line rumours and hype for this first ever DVD release of the 1986 Australian cult classic have been
immense and we are delighted we can now make it official and confirm that every effort has been made to make the ultimate collector’s edition, supervised and approved by director Richard Lowenstein himself as a two Disc Collector’s
Edition DVD with a digitally restored widescreen transfer.

Set against the backdrop of Melbourne's late '70s punk rock scene, Dogs in Space chronicles life in a chaotic, squalid share-house. Writer/director Richard Lowenstein balances a series of chaotic vignettes with the central story of the
romance between housemates Sam (Michael Hutchence), the lead singer of the band, Dogs in Space and his lover Anna (Saskia Post) as it spirals out of control. This two disc set offers commentary tracks and a wealth of special features
including the new feature-length documentary: We’re Livin’ on Dogfood, focusing on Melbourne’s post punk underground (premiering at Melbourne International Film Festival 2009. Of most interest to INXS fans is recently discovered footage
of Michael Hutchence. By the time MIFF comes around; expect the buzz to be huge!

(DVD in store August 28th)