Just A Man (autographed) and INXS Auto-biographies

Congratulations to the following winners who were the first 3 entries drawn to correctly answer the 3 questions.
The first entry drawn receives an autographed copy of
Just A Man (signed by Tina Hutchence and Patricia Glassop),
and the 2 runners each receive a copy of INXS's Biography
"Story To Story".

The winners are:
1st place : Annette Kelly (Autographed JAM)
1st Runner Up : David Thompson (INXS Biography)
2nd Runner Up : Katie Downey
(INXS Biography)

(ps. winners if you havent been notified click here to email me)

The correct answers to the questions were as follows:

Question 1 : Michael Hutchence was originally offered a roll in this movie, but it was eventually given to Guy Pierce. What film was it?
Answer 1 : Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Question 2 : In 1991 Michael bought a block of land sight unseen, in Southport on the Gold Coast of Australia. What was the asking price?
Answer 2 : $1.3 million AUD

Question 3 : As a toddler Michael would sing "Puff The Magic Dragon" incorrectly. To stop this, Tina taught Michael a different song to sing. What song was it?
Answer 3 : “My Guy” by Mary Wells

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