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INXS - Story To Story

Congratulations to the following winners who were the first five names drawn from over 500 entries to correctly answer the 3 questions to win themselves a copy of INXS's Official Autobiography "Story To Story".

Winners will also be notified by email.

The winners are:
Ron Martin
Audrey Vente
Fran Moss
Karen Crouch
Matt Clegg

(ps. winners if you havent been notified click here to email me)

The correct answers to the questions were as follows:

Question 1 : INXS were originally known as who?
Answers 1 : The Farriss Brothers

Question 2 : In 1989 Michael teamed with Melbourne musician Ollie Olsen to record what album?
Answer 2 : MAX Q

Question 3 : In what year did INXS perform in the charity concert called ‘Rocking with the Royals'?
Answer 3 : 1985