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Q&A with Danny Saber
Solo Album Co-Producer

Recently we had a Q&A feature on our website giving you an oppurtunity to ask Danny Saber some of your questions. So we selected a few of the best questions and got Danny to answer them personally.

Q : I've heard Michael's first passion was acting. Is it true that he was considering leaving the band to pursue an acting career? (anonymous)

A : I believe Michael was meeting with Tarrintino on his last trip to LA. We also wrote "Baby It's Alright". This was the week before he died.

Q : What was Michael like during the recording process - really excited, serious, etc? (Laurie)

A : Michael was always very engaged, he was a passionate music listener, he always had a new band or record he was excited about. In fact it was Michael who turned Bono and Edge onto Black Grape. He also introduced me to Mick Jagger. At the time i was a young up and coming producer and he could of kept me to himself but instead he went out of his way to sing my praises. He was instrumental in me working with the Stones and U2. That should give you an idea of the kind of person he was.

Q : What is your favorite song off the solo album and why?

A : "Possibilities". Because of the vocal and musically its my best work.

Q : How were you approached to work on the album?  Did Michael ask you personally?

A : I got a phone call from Michael. I was in LA he was in the south of France. He loved the Black Grape record and called me.

Q : What's a funny story you have from the recording process?

A : Mostly involved illegality so i cant comment.

Q : How happy was Michael with the work on his solo album that had been completed?  (I have heard conflicting statements that he wasn't truly happy with what he had done at that point and so some are not sure whether he would have been happy with the album being released.  I really love the album myself and like to believe that he would be happy with its release.) (Helen)

A : I came in after he and Andy had been working awhile. He told me he liked the songs he and Andy had written but was still looking for something from the production. We started getting immediate results and from that point he was very happy. I have a letter from his father thanking me for finishing the record and telling me how proud he was of it before he died.

Q : Hello Danny - First if I could just say I so love Michael's solo album.  I truly believe it is his finest work ever!  After Michael died and I got my hands on the cd, the song "Possibilities" made me cry.  It was so beautiful and the words so haunting... I sort of felt like he left that song for his fans.  I can listen to it over and over again.  My question for you is really of a personal nature.
"What was he like when recording the album?  And what was your personal last memory of him? Thank you Danny! Best Wishes and many thanks for such an incredible piece of work! (Sidney)

A : Thank you. Recording the album was really cool for me because he was the first big star I worked with. We developed a bond. I felt like his little brother and he was opening up a whole new world to me. I was not able to listen to the music for a long time after he died. As far as a specific memory i dont know but "Possibilities" is my favorite as well.

Q : I have always had the impression that Michael was trying to wake us up through his music. Was he sending any special message through that, his first solo album, or was he only doing something more personal and different? Thank you Tina and Ricky for this opportunity, and thanks Danny for answering our questions. (and sorry for my spelling/grammar mistakes...) (Nélida Gómez., Buenos Aires, Argentina).

A : He was on a journey both musically and in life. I dont know about a specific message but I think he was about living full on and he really believed in what he was doing. He was very sincere which is probably what you are picking up on.

Q : Hi Danny!  Thank you for taking time to answer questions for us Michael fans.  I always wanted to know if Michael wrote a song for Tiger?  (Laurie)

A : Tiger was never far from his mind but I cant remember a specific song. maybe "Baby It's Alright"?

Q : Danny do you think Michael's solo album got the recognition it deserved? I feel it wasn't promoted enough (especially in the UK) and it didn't get much airplay. Did you imagine it to be more successful? Do you own your own copy of this and ever listen to it? (Ricky)

A : Of course not but as you say I  didn't get any promotion. I've re-recorded "Possibilities" with a new artist named Kirsten Price so maybe it will get a new life.


Thank You to Danny Saber for answering the above questions.

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Copyright © Danny Saber / Rickyrocks
(15th December 2007)