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Danny Saber
Solo Album Co-Producer

Hutchence's long-in-the-works solo album, Michael Hutchence, was finally released in 1999. He had begun working on the album in 1995 and had last worked on it 3 days prior to his untimely death. The last song he recorded was "Possibilities". It was co written and co produced by Hutchence and a gaggle
of collaborators - Andy Gill from Gang Of Four, Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass, and Danny Saber from Black Grape.

Its been almost 10 years since Michael Hutchence's untimely death in 1997 and Danny Saber has been kind enough to answer questions you have about Michael.

Please note : Due to the large number of questions expected not all will be answered but rather a selection of the best questions will be chosen
Please send only one question. If you wish to remain anonymous, please put "anonymous" at the end of your question.

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Thank You
Ricky Watcham / Tina Hutchence
August 2007