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Gone But Never Forgotten written by Tina Hutchence

Michael Hutchence
22/01/1960 - 22/11/1997

I am traveling around Australia for the month of November this year and as I drive from city to city, over many of the same roads and staying in the same hotels as Michael and the band frequented over the 20 years of touring, it occurs to me just how much he accomplished in his short lifetime.

I have spent time with many of his friends - people who knew him long before his name became synonymous with good music and great shows. Over the past three weeks I have been laughing and crying and sharing with some friends and family who loved and adored Michael ...........when he was just Michael who loved to 'listen' to music; Michael who stowed away to write poetry; Michael who thrilled to ride a dirt bike; ride his Harley; cook up some great gastronomic concoctions; Michael who loved to tell a good story and very much appreciated a good yarn; and Michael who just loved life.

He seemed to l-o-v-e life. He was constantly thinking of ways to enjoy his life and take us all along
for the ride.

Michael was a special person. Not because he had a fantastic singing voice, not because he could move on stage and take you for a ride of a lifetime and mesmerize you with one song; though this was true, there were other special qualities about Michael that those of us who knew him on a personal level are feeling blessed to have known him, blessed to have those memories.
November is a tough month for all of us who loved Michael.  But I believe that Michael would want us to rejoice in his accomplishments, his successes. He would want us to continue to enjoy his music and to know in our hearts that he had a wonderful life. He lived every possible moment with joy. He did exactly what he wanted to do - conquer the world with his music.

Wherever you are, we love you Michael.

Tina Hutchence
Sydney, Australia
November 20, 2006