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Happy 50th Birthday Michael
a special birthday message from Tina Hutchence

In an interview Michael once said: "There's a transition from backstage to walking onstage. There are these little steps, these little aluminum steps with orange markers on them, and these guys put torches on them and you walk up. There's about six of them usually, and at each step there's a transition - I feel it every night. It sends sparks into my head and it's just wild, I wouldn't give it up for anything. It's definitely one of the best feelings around. I don't understand it and it makes me cry - it makes me love the audience."

I think this says a lot about how Michael felt about those who appreciated his music and his talent as a performer. I think it says so much about how passionate he was about the whole process. He so loved his work and he was such a professional. Michael made it look easy because by the time he got to that top step and the roar of the audience hit a crescendo, he was ready to give his all. He would have become the 'other Michael Hutchence', the one that was not afraid to share himself and was determined to bring the audience along to the party. We loved him for the way he could do that.

I am constantly amazed and eternally proud that Michael continues to inspire an outpouring of love and admiration from people all over the globe. I think he would also be surprised but secretly delighted that, those people who gave him so much pleasure by being in the audience when he was performing, are now honoring what would be his 50th birthday. 

I am often asked what I think Michael would be doing professionally if he were with us today and an answer would be a guess.
I tend to think that he would be spending the school year in Australia making sure his daughter was getting a great Aussie upbringing and education, between visits to his Villa in the South of France, and venturing out to do a movie every now and then.
I just know that he loved what he did for 20 years and he had an extraordinary, albeit short life. He accomplished so much in his
20 years in the spotlight.  His music is his legacy - how fortunate we are that we can still enjoy his voice and his lyrics any time
we want to. 

Speaking for myself and our mother Patricia, I want to thank you all for giving us this 'warm, fuzzy and proud' feeling to know that Michael is remembered, loved and appreciated so much after all this time. 

Tina Hutchence
Ben Lomond, California
January 20, 2010