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Happy Birthday Tiger

July 22, 2007

Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to a truly special little girl. She is special to us for not only is she a precious child (because all children are special) but because she is a link to Michael; she carries Michael deep within her. She is of course, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily and she is turning eleven-years-old today.

It has now become a ritual for our fabulous Rickyrocks to deliver
my gift to Tiger, as I cannot be there myself. The last time I was
with Tiger for her birthday was her FIRST birthday in Los Angeles. Michael and Paula bought Tiger to my house for a celebration. Mother and Ross were there also. We had a very large cake with icing spelling out; 'Happy Birthday to Erin and Tiger' - it was my daughter's birthday 5 days later. It was a beautiful, relaxing, fun
filled day. As the afternoon wore on, I watched Michael relax
and get down on the floor with Tiger - in fact almost every photograph shows Michael holding Tiger, and playing with her.
A good time for us all.
Happy Birthday Darling,
xx Auntie Tina

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