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Happy Holidays
a special message from Tina Hutchence

Michael with Tina and Patricia up all night at Christmas in 1989 (Sydney).
Kylie arrived the next day.

Because the Holidays is a time for families & friends to get together & rejoice in the love and respect they feel for each other - it is also a time when we tend to remember our friends & loved ones who are no longer with us.

It is important for our completeness that we remember those times that we did spend with our departed, and hold them in spirit. In our family we have a tradition by which we place a special ornament on the tree which serves as a reminder of Michael. Because he is always in our hearts & never far from our minds it is natural to remember the special holidays that we spent together.

Once again, Ricky was kind enough to deliver my gift to Tiger this year & placed a call to me when he was there. It was a sweet thing to do and it was a wonderful moment when her voice came down the line in California. Ricky is a good friend & although I wish I could give her my gift in person, he was the perfect proxy & I am indebted to him for creating this special pathway to my niece.

During Christmas 1993 on the Gold Coast, Michael gave his niece Erin
a guitar and encouraged her to write songs.

I want to wish all of you who come to our site & make it a safe place to express your thoughts about Michael;
a very happy time with your families, friends, & loved ones near and far.I wish you all a prosperous New Year
& may you all express tolerance & kindness - as I would hope you would receive from all you come in contact.

I want to thank you all for making the site so successful - it is encouraging to see the numbers go up.

Whatever your religious affiliation or beliefs are, I wish you all a warm & wonderful time with friends & family.

Tina Hutchence
Los Gatos, California
December 22, 2005