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"Lots of Memories..." by Nicolas (June 2006)

I received this email yesterday-it was in French, but the wonderful Karine translated it for me. It really touched me and I wanted to share it with you. It shows just how down to earth Michael was and how unaffected he was about his notoriety. (Tina Hutchence)

Hello Dear Tina,
My name is Nicolas, I'm 30 years old, I'm French and I live in Roquefort les Pins since 15 years! I remember Michael very well when he was living in Roquefort. Michael was someone special to me during my childhood, I was fascinated by him.

I talked to him several times in the streets of Roquefort and at his house when he invited me to visit him. My sister also came along with me and she was really happy to meet up with him, as she thought he was great.

My sister and I always looked in the streets of Roquefort to see his car (4x4 Mercedes that he had at this time), or we would see him at the little supermarket in town or at the fish shop, on December 24th 1990 it was, and Michael signed an autograph for me on that day. It was amazing.

Michael also had the Ducatti bike, and he was riding it with his leather jacket.
I have lots of CDS and LPs of the band, and all are signed by Michael. Every time it was great moments. 
I have a picture of Michael, in the "Cappuccino Bar" in Roquefort. The boss is a friend of mine, and he gave it to me. 

I often think of Michael, I have lots of memories. I wish you all the best Tina, and to your family too. 
I'm going to see INXS play live in Milan, Italy this Fall. I am still a big fan of INXS but things have changed without Michael. 


We often visited the ‘Cappuccino Bar’ as it was very close to the villa. Very interesting that Nicholas mentions the Ducatti, the Mercedes Jeep and the villa as belonging to Michael …………………..as of course Mr Diamond and the other executive Mr Paul along with their team of attorneys refuted this to the courts. Tina Hutchence (Reno, NV. USA. July 2006)