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Joanne Shaw's stunning portrait of Michael hits the press

PRAISED: Joanne Shaw with her painting of Michael Hutchence which touched his sister "to the core". 

Tragic rock star brought to life
By Geoff FOX

THE sister of rock star Michael Hutchence has told how a West Yorkshire artist moved her close to tears with a painting of her brother on the seventh anniversary of his death. Tina Hutchence, speaking from her home in Los Angeles, told the YEP she was in awe of the talents of Castleford's Joanne Shaw who has just uploaded the painting onto her rock art website as well as sending copies via email to Tina and Michael's mother Patricia Glassop in Australia.

Tina said: "I could hardly breathe as inch by inch Michael's image appeared on my monitor. Every stroke of Joanne's talent brought Michael to life and touched my heart to the core. I felt as if I could reach out and touch his curls, stroke his cheek. Michael had the most expressive eyes, nobody has ever got them right until now; it is remarkable. "I am speechless each time I look at this portrait. I can say that Michael himself would have been astonished and in awe of Joanne's talent. I am so grateful that Joanne was inspired to carry it through."

The star's mother wrote to Joanne saying: "I was so touched and thrilled when I saw the actual painting. It is as though you knew him. Since Michael's death I have received many images of Michael from various fans, friends and strangers, but I must say your portrait is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes." She added: "You have made me a happier person." Miss Shaw admitted: "I've never had the family of one of my subjects respond in such a positive way before. It's something I'd hoped for and it certainly makes it all worthwhile. After all, they are the only people truly qualified to say whether I really have captured the essence of Michael."

Based on a never-seen-before photo, the painting took a week to complete, with the artist often working late into the night and listening to INXS music throughout. Miss Shaw is now in discussions with the family about working on further projects.

(Taken from a article in the York Evening Post)
November 2004

click to view image of Joanne's work