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Jen Jewel Brown Needs Your Help
(15th May 2007)

A small introduction to Jen Jewel Brown
Jen Jewel Brown ( ex Jenny Hunter Brown - signed INXS to MCA Music deal - And was the
Professional Manager there after writing for years, before she joined Mushroom as their A&R Manager.
Friend of INXS, ex-girlfriend of Don Walker and "sung" with Michael on the Freeedom soundtrack
on "Speed Kills". Currently back to writing and living in Melbourne)

Jen Jewel Brown needs you help finding some old articles for a book of her writing through the
70s and 80s and is trying to locate some articles from the past.

Message from Jen Jewel Brown (un-edited):
I especially want to try to find the RAM story, written by me as Jenny Hunter-Brown, in I think early 1981 -
maybe January? I want to include it in a book of my early rock journalism. Tina has sent me what she has but unfortunately it's incomplete. I seem to have half of a spread with a large pic of Michael
with arm upstretched and an inset shot of the band.

It starts, "Dear Michael Hutchence..." I have no heading on the copy.
Can any of the fans help by sending me a copy of one they may have, do you think??

The State Library in Victoria has an incomplete RAM collection and this wasn't in it.

I am also looking for copies of two Sunday Telegraph INXS stories by me as Jenny Hunter Brown which I also
have in part... December 14, 1980 and July 6 1980. As you can see. I was an early fan and supporter!

Think you can help? Need more info? You can email Jen directly by clicking here