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Season's Greetings
a special message from Tina Hutchence

Michael with Tina and Patricia up all night at Christmas in 1989 (Sydney).
Kylie arrived the next day.

This is the time of the year that we think about our loved ones with more intensity; the time of the year
when we truly want to be close to our family and friends.

I feel blessed that I can reflect back on many precious memories of Christmas vacations with Michael and Kell. Thankfully we even have videos of some of those vacations and in the future we will share them with the little children in the family. No matter what, we can hold in our hearts, those loved ones, are no longer physically with us.

The Holiday Season can bring out the best and the worst in people – but it shouldn't be the time when we stress over who gets along with whom, or worry if we bought the right gift, or if we spent enough or spent too much. The best gift is truly from the heart.

I would very much like to thank the caring, beautiful, people on this site. I have said it before; Michael's fans are the best. I am eternally grateful for the well wishes, the encouragement, the fantastic, unexpected shared memories and treasures that some of you have sent me. Your support is overwhelming and touching.

Every year that passes brings more healing but we never forget and nor do we want to or should we; but healing is very necessary and children are wonderful ‘healers'.

During Christmas 1993 on the Gold Coast, Michael gave his niece Erin
a guitar and encouraged her to write songs.

My wish is that very soon Tiger Lily will begin to share in this outpouring of love for her beloved father.

My wish is that all your wishes come true – I hope you all have the most wonderful, loving,
joyous, holiday with friends and loved ones.

December 22, 2004
California , USA .