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Last Christmas I sent the following message to Bob Geldof in a Christmas card. The card was simple with just a lone dove and the word ‘Peace' on the front. I always associate the dove and the word ‘peace' with Michael. (Tina Hutchence 2004)
December 10, 2003


May all the joys of the Christmas season be yours.

May your family enjoy a peaceful and prosperous 2004.

May Divine Power give you the compassion to allow our Tiger a relationship with her fathers' family.

May he open your mind and heart to see that it would be in her best interest to enjoy physical contact with her fathers' family.

May you extend to Tiger and Michael's family all the humanitarian efforts that you are so capable of extending to strangers.

May you be touched by the Heavenly Father and wake to find compassion and love in your heart.

May you take the lead in your family and teach your children to respect the importance of a grandparents relationship – and ensure that Tiger gets to enjoy peaceful conversations with her grandmother.

And may you find it in your heart to allow my niece a visit to her grandmother in Australia , who can no longer travel to London and whose heart is broken.



I wanted to appeal to Bob's sense of fairness and humanity which, he demonstrates to strangers in various countries but who seems guarded about extending the same treatment to Michael's family. I have tried various ways to appeal to him to allow Tiger to visit her Grandmother, my mother Patricia in Australia .

Bob is a powerful man and yet he seems to be threatened by the idea of allowing my niece that which is her birthright – to know and feel the physical love her father's family feels for her. I want to change that. I want to soften his heart.

So far he has refused. He has stated to my mother on more than one occasion that he will not allow Tiger to visit Australia . At this, Michael would be very sad. He would be destroyed to think that Tiger would never get to know his family or his beloved country. Michael was always a champion of Australian culture. When record companies wanted to hide the birthplace of INXS, he fought against it as he was proud to be Australian.

Bob reasons that he does not like the Australian press. I cannot think why, other than maybe they have not been kind in their critiques of his music – but then one thing should not connect with the other. Tiger has a right to know her grandmother.

Time is marching on and we never know when someone is going to be plucked from our lives. We lost Kell 13 months ago and he had spent so little time with his little grand-daughter and risked his health to spend one week with her in Bali . My parents are no longer able to travel for more than 2 hours on a flight and Patricia desperately wants to see Tiger Lily.

But I have a GRAND plan. It may be over-reaching but I have to try it and I need your help. I need to enlist the help of every fan INXS or Michael ever had. I want to collect appeals from you all which I will send to Bob to show him how loved Michael is and how concerned his fans are that his little daughter is prevented from knowing her fathers' homeland and family. In particular I want her to visit her Grandmother Patricia and Grandfather Ross.

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Tina Hutchence
August 2004

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