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Seven by Tina Hutchence

It is three years this month since we lost our friend Seven. I thought it fitting that we include some of his lyrics on this page. I loved the way he could zero in on the ‘feel' of a song when he delivered on stage and even when I read it on the nakedness of paper. With one line, he could make my head explode with a thousand images.



We were young and out for kicks

We were million dollar babies

Knieval was crazy

Bubblicious on your lips

From ‘Bottle Rockets' - Lyrics by Seven Pearson (1997)
The Cunninghams- Zeroed Out

Seven Pearson:  1965 - 2001
(photo courtesy of Robin Swanson)


We all miss Seven so very much though as I sit here writing this, I can't help smiling because I think of his sweet nature and eagerness with every breath to give his audience what they wanted. He was the same with his friends
- I don't think he knew when to stop giving of himself. He was friendly and gentle and sexy and smart and always had time for his friends and was always available for his audience after a show.

Seven's note to Ninon
(photo courtesy of Tina Hutchence)

'This letter from Seven to Ninon was written on a paper napkin - even in his haste he was a poet'.


Zeroed out on Vicodin

Sugar smack your only friend

Peel away your face on a Saturday night

Where do you get the appetite?

From ‘Narcolepsy' – Lyrics by Seven Pearson (1997)

The Cunninghams- Zeroed Out


Seven and Ninon (2000)
(photo courtesy of Tina Hutchence)

We will always love you Seven, wherever you are.

11th February 2004

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