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The Loved One by Tina Hutchence
(22nd November 2005)

Michael with Tina and Patricia up all night at Christmas in 1989 (Sydney).
Kylie arrived the next day.

I am glad to be with Patricia during this time of the year, we find comfort in each other, even though we are lost in our own private thoughts about a son, a brother.

My thoughts turn to my brother and what he would be doing now had he not left us. I think about how he loved his little Tiger and how he would be involved with her life.

He would relish the idea of teaching her about poetry and music I am sure of that. He would spend time painting with her, teaching her all his favourite water sports, introducing her to the cities and peoples of the world. He loved to travel and particularly loved to go off the beaten path.

He would introduce her to the classics in literature, art and music.

His own career I am sure would have led him toward his goal of acting he would have been a skillful actor.

I imagine that he would have divided most of his time between Australia, the USA and France.

I miss him so much, and there is a special place in my heart for his memory, I feel his love nobody and nothing can take this from me.

I see his smile and hear his music everywhere. His fans are wonderful and it is always comforting to see the beautiful messages that come in.

Tina Hutchence

November 22, 2005

Kell (Michael's father), Tina and Michael (1994)